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This is an issue it’s been bugging me for some time since I saw the movie.

In 2001, as part of the MFA program that I was pursuing, all first year students had to make their first animated film during Spring. I made my film titled “Far From Home,” it is about a Bee that is collecting honey, but decides to take  a nap in a flower, while sleeping the bee is taking by a human to his kitchen, the bee wakes up finding out that is not outside anymore.  The bee tries to get out through a window, but crashes on it instead ( what a coincidence here that Barry the Bee tries to do the same thing and crashes too the only difference that he tries 3 times.)  What makes me to suspect even more it’s my site’s statistics back from 2004 that I’m posting here:


Fortunately for me back in 2004 awstats resolved IP addresses and as you see someone from Dreamworks did visit my site, funny thing that by that time I was trying to find job in the 3D industry and I sent a package to Dreamworks.  I’m aware that my film it’s not very good on the technical side like the modeling it’s awful and animation too, but it’s been always on my site mostly for sentimental reasons and because I always thought the story it’s good.

So here it is my Spring film made in 2001:

Here it is “Bee Movie” trailer:

Like I said I know my film is not good, but if someone from Dreamworks thought it was worthy for something why I wasn’t contacted? I did really need a job back in 2004 so I could stay in United States instead I had to go back to my country where things are not really great. I did not post anything before because there will be more than one that would say that I’m crazy.  So this is it, I’m finally decided to go public with this.

So what do you think? Am I crazy to think that someone from Dreamworks took ideas from my short?

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