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I’ve been reading about React and it never hurt to learn something new, for me the best way to learn is by building something so I started by making a site that teach Spanish. I already had material for the version I built using Storyline and reusing that I started this road creating a React version.

If you want to see what I have so far, please visit this link: http://neurologist-hare-40466.netlify.com

Ok, not much don’t worry it would grow.

If you’re new to React I suggest go to codecademy.com and take Learn ReactJS: Part I and Learn ReactJS: Part II

After that to focus how to program in React and not how to setup the environment I use the create-react-app. I suggest the React Crash Course for Beginners series by David Gwyer on tutsplus, it will guide you to create a simple React app using the create-react-app.

That as a base I started to program.  I have worked with Bootstrap before and I wanted to use it, well there is reactstrap that provides Bootstrap 4 components, the site explains how to install and how to use the components. I haven’t modify the original theme since it takes a little bit more work, I will do it later.

Now I need to navigate through my React site, well that is another thing you need to add a project that handles routing, take a look to this tutorial A Simple React Router v4 Tutorial.

Well, I can navigate, and my site  looks decent, now animations, I’m big fan of GSAP I started to dig in If I could use, I’m glad I can, this is a great presentation about Animating in React by SARAH DRASNER

If you want to see the code just go to my github and feel free to explore.

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