Typography Animation “Thinking of You”

This is a typography animation I made, I got inspired to do it after listening “Thinking of You” by Christian Kane, probably he’s better known for his character on the TV show “Leverage” Eliot Spencer, but also he’s a a country music singer so make sure to check out his website http://www.christiankane.com
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“Supernatural” Wallpapers Collection

A collection of  wallpapers that I have made  dedicated to the TV show “Supernatural.” Some are already old and I’m  making available to those  who want them since most of them are not available on my fan site anymore (http://supernatural.elsicaldeira.com)

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Designs for good causes

I’m a huge fan of the TV show “Supernatural” I even built a Website dedicated to the show, also I’ve contributed with great causes that the actors support by making some designs, below I compiling all the designs with the link to the site where you can buy a T-Shirt or other things and help either the Make-A-Wish Foundation ( http://www.wish.org/) or A Dog’s Life Rescue,”(http://www.adogsliferescue.org).
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Johnny Cash the Actor

Today is Johnny Cash’s Birthday and I want to remember him not only as a singer, but also as an actor.  I am amazed that he did quite of movies and appearances on TV shows through the years even he lent his voice to “Coyote,” a character that appeared on “The Simpsons.”  In this post I have  collected some clips of Johnny showcasing his work as an actor.

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