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Recently TV shows have reduced opening credits so people don’t get chance to flip channel and it’s understandable with so many shows to compete with. Looking back, TV openings were an art some were plain simple, but others used animation, I bring here some classic TV shows openings that use animation some way or another.


I Dream of Jeannie


I’ve always loved this opening with the comic book style, one of the best.

The Wild Wild West

The Time Tunnel

This is perhaps the less known SciFi TV show, only last one season, but it was great and with a very inspired Saul Bass opening.

Lost in Space

The video below shows two different openings, the first one is the one I like too bad I couldn’t find a better quality.

The Twilight Zone

One of the most iconic surreal openings and iconic theme at least for me.

The Outer Limits

Sapphire and Steel

This is like an extra of my list, I used to love this show and I never missed an episode so I couldn’t remember the opening and luckily I found it on YouTube.

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